Getting drywall to your job-site just got a whole-site easier. At Hughes Lumber, our salespeople work with you to insure that you get the materials that you need.

They will calculate how much drywall you need for each room, then deliver it to your site and distribute the correct amount to each room allowing your crew to get right to the job at hand. That saves you time, money and effort.

When you purchase materials from Hughes Lumber, quality is never in question. We stock the brands you trust, like USG® and National Wallboard®.

Quality materials is just one way Hughes Lumber helps lighten the load.

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National Gypsum

gypsum loaded on truck for delivery

National Gypsum® is one of the largest gypsum board producers in the world. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, National, produces every type of wallboard that you need to complete your job. National Gypsum® is a leader in the industry, providing a quality product you can depend on.

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USG® is the brand you trust for drywall to suit any task. From plaster to gypsum core, water or fire resistant, even lightweight, USG® is the name to look for to complete any finishing job.

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