Building Materials


Pros who know, understand that you can’t rely on inferior building materials. The quality and durability of your work is your calling card, that’s why true professionals and do-it-yourselfers always comes to Hughes Lumber.

If you’re building a stone wall, repairing a chimney or setting a post, you need to know that your masonry work won’t be cracking, chipping or flaking away.

Hughes Lumber carries a complete line of premium quality Strong-Crete® masonry, concrete and cement materials as well as the tools & accessories needed to do the job right.

Buying bulky materials can sometimes be a hassle, so Hughes Lumber is ready to help; we offer convenient in-yard pick up or we can deliver your goods right to your job site! It’s just another of the many ways that Hughes Lumber helps to lighten the load of building!


The nuts and bolts of any projects usually comes down to fasteners. The pros know that a nail is not just a nail and that you need to have the correct fasteners for the job at hand. Would you use a drywall screw to install a window? How about using masonry nails instead of finishing brads?

Of course you wouldn’t and that's why you can always rely on Hughes Lumber to stock the right fastener for your job.

At Hughes Lumber we stock every kind of fastener you might need. So when it comes down to brass tacks… you’ve come to the right place.


Your home is your refuge; a place where you can settle in on a cold winter's night or a hot summer’s day and be comfortable and relaxed.

Hughes Lumber understands that the key to a comfortable home is the protection that you get from quality insulation and that’s why we feature CertainTeed® insulation. CertainTeed® products provide high R values at a reasonable price.

So to save money everyday while adding to the performance, air tightness, moisture management and acoustics of your home, always depend on Hughes Lumber and CertainTeed®.


The importance of quality siding can’t be overemphasized. It doesn't simply beautify a house; it’s your first line of defense against the elements. Rain, sun, ice or insects, quality siding is like armor for your home.

At Hughes Lumber, we’ve chosen to carry only the best siding for our area, James Hardie® and LP Smart Siding®.

Extremes of temperature, winds, moisture, whatever Oklahoma can throw at your house, this siding can take. We carry the industry leaders, so you never have to second guess your choice of siding.


Transform your yard into a secluded paradise with Hughes Lumbers extensive selection of wood fencing.

Just choose one of our many styles and your yard can become a secure and inviting outdoor living space where you and your family can enjoy open air living without the whole neighborhood wandering through.

So add beauty as well as security to your home with with new fencing from Hughes Lumber.

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