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Pit Boss® wood pellet grills offer up some of the best tasting food you’ll ever eat. Bigger, Heavier, Hotter is not just the Pit Boss slogan, it’s how they do things. Pit Boss grills are made to withstand the hottest cooking temperatures and deliver expert results. Each Pit Boss grill, from the smallest tailgater to the largest Rancher XL is built to last and designed for ease of use and cleanup.


By Utilizing the inherent properties of steel and iron, Pit Boss pellet grills control and distribute heat evenly for superior results. Take their patented SearZone®, it’s constructed from steel and designed to withstand cooking temps over 1000 degrees. The Pit Boss also features heavy duty grates made from cast iron, rather than steel… why? Because cast iron holds heat better and distributes it more evenly. Those grates are porcelain coated for easy cleaning. Even the lids are made from 1.5mm thick steel to retain heat. When you don’t lose heat, you don’t waste pellets. It’s that simple.

So yes, you could pay more for a different brand, but why? You can’t beat the build quality or culinary results of a Pit Boss pellet grill. So if you’re new to pellet grill cooking or a seasoned grillmaster, you’ll get amazing results each time you fire up a Pit Boss.

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